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Sách khóa học NEBOSH Unit ID1 bản cứng


  • – Sách khóa học NEBOSH Diploma Unit ID1 bản cứng (printed study textbook)
  • – Unit ID1: Know – Workplace Health and Safety Principles

This guide provides an excellent overview of all aspects of health and safety principles worldwide.

This publication is aimed at all those who are currently practising as health and safety professionals anywhere in the world, or who wish to work towards doing so.

Summary of contents:

Unit ID1: Know – Workplace Health and Safety Principles (International)

  • Learning Outcome 1: Socio-Legal Models, Enforcement, The International Labour Organization and its Conventions and Recommendations, Non-Governmental Bodies and Health and Safety Standards, Third Parties, Insurers
  • Learning Outcome 2: Organisational Structures, Leadership, Consultation, Health and Safety Culture and Behavioural Change Programmes, Traditional Safety & Proactive Safety Models, Risk Perception, Human Failures and Human Factors and Improving Human Reliability
  • Learning Outcome 3: Competence, Training and Supervision, High Reliability Organisations (HRO)
  • Learning Outcome 4: Hazard Identification Techniques, Managing Health and Safety Risks, Risk Management
  • Learning Outcome 5: Loss Causation and Quantitative Analysis of Data, Measuring and Monitoring
  • Learning Outcome 6: Health and Safety Professional Skills
  • Learning Outcome 7: Societal Factors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organisational Change
  • Learning Outcome 8: Supply Chains

Additional information

Year of Publication

June 2021

Type of book

Printed book=Bản cứng