Making HSE Training Different From Today

All workers undergo health and safety training can help reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace. In turn, this can also protect the company from facing costly legal battles with employees, as well as preventing employees from leaving the jobsite due to work-related illnesses

CTSafe Center is working with many international safety organizations to deliver their courses and programs in Vietnam to serve above-mentioned goals.
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The Course Categories

7 Reasons of why the health and safety training is important!

To become an instructor

We have run safety training for various areas in the workplace. You can view our course categories to see which subjects you are good at and contact us.

We also deliver our international courses such as ISO, IOSH, NVQ, IEMA and NEBOSH courses that we are licenced, approved and in partnership with to deliver. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to work with us.

Become CTSafe instructors

We set our own expectations to qualify instructors who run our programs.

All instructors who wish to deliver the training will need to be approved. You can send us your safety and health qualifications, training qualifications and experience. 

All trainers of CTSafe, as a minimum will have to:

  • have a bachelor degree in any field.
  • have a safety training qualification or a safety train the trainer certificate.
  • have two years face-to-face training delivery experience for a safety subject.​

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Become IOSH instructors

All instructors who wish to deliver IOSH courses will need to be approved by IOSH. You will be asked for details of your safety and health qualifications, training qualifications and experience on the application form and trainer criteria differs from course to course and level of IOSH membership.

All trainers of IOSH, as a minimum will have to:

  • have up date CPD
  • have two years substantial face-to-face training delivery experience.​

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Become PECB trainers

You can also apply to become a PECB trainer to deliver PECB courses under our partnership. A
ll trainers need to be approved by PECB for the following criteria before conducting the course.

  • Each candidate needs to have the professional certificate of the respective course he/she intends to teach
  • A short interview consisting of questions related to the previous work experience, any related experience to delivering trainings and general knowledge of ISO Standards.
  • Demonstration of presentation skills and knowledge
  • The evaluation process can take up to 2-3 weeks and is based on the following criteria:
    • Teaching Abilities
    • Communication Skills
    • Professional Experience
    • Familiarity with the ISO Standards

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Instructors' Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code is to assist us to establish and promote the maintenance and improvement of standards of professional conduct of trainers. Instructors will be guided what they are supposed and not supposed to do. Learn more here