PECB University

CTSafe Center is partnership with PECB university and will launch programs of the MBA and Graduate Certificate in Asia.

Who is PECB University?

PECB University is a private Higher Education Institution, established in 2018 and licensed under the authority of the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) in Washington, DC. It offers five field-specific MBA and seven Graduate Certificate programs to a global audience, using proprietary state-of-the-art software and services.

Directly affiliated to PECB, a world-class certification body for persons on a wide range of international standards, PECB University seeks to build upon such established expertise and target in-demand industry specializations of the contemporary labor market to provide academic programs that help achieve academic excellence, narrow specialization, and enhanced entrepreneurial or employment opportunities for its students.

The Academic Approach
PECB University offers degree and non-degree seeking programs, all delivered in a combined online and classroom experience.
Through its courses, PECB University offers:

MBA programs:

  1. MBA in Information Security Management
  2. MBA  in Business Continuity Management
  3. MBA  in IT Service Management
  4. MBA  in Risk Management
  5. MBA  in Quality Management

Graduate programs:

  1. Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management
  2. Graduate Certificate in Business Continuity Management
  3. Graduate Certificate in IT Service Management
  4. Graduate Certificate in Risk Management
  5. Graduate Certificate in Quality Management
  6. Graduate Certificate in Management Systems Administration
  7. Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Unique specializations: PECB University programs allow students the opportunity to explore some of the most compelling topics of the present day by offering prosperous specializations that help them amp up their career prospects.

Flexible programs: PECB University programs are designed to fit the specific needs of the busy individual.
Our programs offer individuals the opportunity to become competitive while continuing their daily activities.

World-class education: Competent academicians will be contributing towards students’ education, who, apart from their academic qualifications, have handson experience on the subjects they teach. Given their international backgrounds, students will gain a broader outlook on present matters and adopt a mindset that allows them to approach situations from different angles.

International encounters: PECB University has no physical boundaries. Thus, students will have unlimited possibilities for networking and connecting with the university community comprising of students and staff coming from different walks of life.

Digitalized experience: Students will benefit from being taught in systems that allow them to connect and share
their experience online while having the convenience of their location.

Accelerated path to degree: PECB University offers a generous transfer of credits policy that allows students to transfer a certain number of relevant professional certifications as courses required for graduation and progress faster towards their degree.

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