CTSafe –  Approved Training Provider

CTSafe center is approved training provider of  OHTA to deliver their IH courses in Vietnam.
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The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) is a non-profit organization of volunteers.  They aim to reduce the global burden of ill health from the work environment by promoting better standards of occupational hygiene practice around the world.

OHTA develops training materials and make them freely available for use by students and training providers.  They also promote an international qualifications framework so that all hygienists are trained to a consistent, high standard, recognized in all participating countries.

OHTA principles
OHTA is supported by many national occupational hygiene organizations and the International Occupational Hygiene Association.
They operate with a few basic ground rules: They try to be

  • Inclusive
  • Straightforward
  • Transparent
  • Accessible
  • Engaging

OHTA believes that adhering to these operating principles will help to grow the global occupational hygiene community and encourage consensus standards.

Support and sponsorship
OHTA has no paid staff.  All time and effort is provided by volunteers and supporters. Operating costs are minimal but essential services are funded through sponsors who share the aims of OHTA.

OHTA partners with many other organizations to enable delivery of the international training and qualifications system.  OHTA is pleased to collaborate with Workplace Health Without Borders to help bring occupational hygiene training to developing countries.

The international qualifications scheme allows you to study occupational hygiene at the level that suits you. With a modular design, you can take the courses you need when you want

This gives you the flexiblity to build on your existing qualifications and to fit in more easily with your job demands.  You can start from the Foundation level, and progress through Intermediate level to Advanced level.

The following National Examination Bodies offer examination services on behalf of the OHTA Qualifications Group for the OHlearning Qualifications Scheme:

BOHS Examinations Department

Services Offered:

  • All OHTA examinations
  • PLP assessments
  • International Certificate Interviews

Contact email for enquiries: professional@bohs.org

The international scheme recognises three levels of qualification

  • Foundation level for those who have studied the basic principles of occupational hygiene, an Award of Successful Course Completion
  • Intermediate level for those who have studied the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to undertake occupational hygiene in the workplace, the International Certificate in Occupational Hygiene (ICertOH)
  • Advanced level for those who achieve the levels of knowledge and skill expected of a professional hygienist.  This normally requires an academic qualification.

The two lower levels use a formative approach to learning which makes assessment an integral part of the learning process. At the Advanced level, assessment may be part of the academic process for a postgraduate degree or diploma.

The scheme can thus serve the needs of students from early technician training through to professional development.  It encourages a process of "spiral learning", where materials are studied to progressively higher levels.  The scheme is already in use, with courses are held around the world by companies, universities and other training providers.

The Course Categories